Vulnerable Children

There are more than a million orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya and they receive very limited resources and support. These children are rescued from surroundings that have been affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, and child abuse.

There is a great need for supporting institutions that takes care of these children who crave all the love and attention they miss from their parents and families. The children in these homes generally range from 3 years old to 18 years old.


  • To create awareness of achievable ways to deal with issues of poverty and diseases in Africa.
  • To provide love and attention to those who need it most.
  • To provide opportunities for both staff and children to learn and develop with support and assistance form international volunteers.

Body of Christ Orphanage (BOC)

BOC was started in June 2004 to help educate and care for orphans and vulnerable children in the Limuru Community. The project has approximately 75 children, 32 of which are currently accommodated at the centre. The reminder utilise the centre for schooling purposes, coming and going each weekday. BOC currently run a number of projects to support the children and these include:

  • A pre-school and a primary school from level 1 to 3.
  • A safe and a loving environment to accommodate the orphans.
  • Income generating ventures – bakery and weaving of mats and carpets for sale and proceeds are used to take care of various expenses and operating costs of the project.

Volunteer involvement areas?

At BOC, volunteers can be helpful across numerous areas from within the classroom settings, supporting the teachers with English lessons and creative activities for all the children to assisting the mums in the kitchen, laundry and general running of the home. Particularly during the school holidays there are little opportunities for the children who live at the home, so volunteers can run a fun, educational holiday program for all the children to participate in. There are never too many hands for helping at BOC and as long as you like cuddles… everybody is welcome.