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Who We Are

Encounter Local is a volunteer and travel organization, established in January 2015 by an international partnership offering opportunities to local and international visitors to have life changing experiences that comes with volunteering and traveling in Africa, whilst getting to interact with the local people and learn about their culture and lifestyle.


Our History

The founders of Encounter Local have worked in the volunteer and travel industry in East Africa since the year 2010 and have the commitment and passion to help those less fortunate in society.


What We Do

Encounter Local presents you the best opportunity to discover and have an amazing experience that comes with volunteering and traveling in Africa.


Where We Are

We are based in Nairobi, the capital and largest city of Kenya, often used as a jump-off point for those wanting to go on safari trips and more exciting adventures around Kenya.


Services We Offer

We offer a platform to learn, empower, experience, enjoy and work towards ‘setting up structures’, all of which have the potential to bring positive outcomes in the local community. Some of the core services we offer our volunteers include;



We have set-up and aim to run our organization in a way that gives both short term and long-term benefit to people in the community. We achieve this through empowering local projects to arrive at sustainable solutions that are suitable to them.

Holiday & Safari

We give you the opportunity to arrange your holiday or safari in Africa, irrespective of your activity preference, budget and the duration of your trip.


Volunteer Programs

We encourage and support volunteers based on their skills and interests to work on projects to accomplish their goals.



We recognize the value of short term trips and strive to serve the community projects and mission teams in a manner which is beneficial for the visiting team as well as the locals.



There are more than a million orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. We support institutions that take care of these children in need of love and attention they miss from their parents.